Whether you like or not, drug usage is pretty rampant in the modern world, regardless of where you live. Every major city has a black market for selling all kinds of drugs and stimulants, while in countries where drug use is legalised, they can also be found in the open market.

A drug can be simply described as a substance that when taken in can affect your body either physically, psychologically or both at once. While the name drug is commonly associated with illegal substances that are mostly harmful to your body, there are a few drugs that are legalised for use and are actually beneficial to our health.

Here are the most common drugs in use today, both legally and illegally:

•    Caffeine – Here is one very harmless drug. Caffeine is a very common substance in the food we intake, found in many types of drinks ranging from tea, coffee to soft drinks. It can also be found in food that includes coffee and tea as ingredients. Caffeine is commonly known to be a sleep inhibitor, which can be both a good or bad thing, depending on the situation. Excessive consumption of caffeine is generally frowned upon by health specialists, but it is nowhere near as harmful as other illegal drugs inhaled through the likes of bongs Australia or taken in as pills.

•    Nicotine – Nicotine is a chemical found in tobacco smoke and is, therefore, another pretty common drug with the increasing number of smokers worldwide. It is one the few drugs that it legally available for purchase, and although it has been shown to negatively affect our health, it doesn’t seem enough to warrant smokers to stop purchasing cigarettes. The main reason for this can be attributed to addiction, since many find it impossible to quit smoking after getting used to it for a long time.

•    Marijuana – Marijuana or cannabis is a drug that may be legal or illegal depending on where you live. Marijuana smoking has been actually attributed to a few health benefits, unlike most drugs of this kind. Due to its usage being heavily dependent on the law, marijuana can be as hard to find as other drugs or it can be just bought from any bong shop online. Browse this website if you are looking for the best store who sell cannabis grinder.

•    Cocaine – This drug is often found as a white powder, which is inhaled by sniffing or through injection, or as crack, a further processed form of cocaine which can be smoked. Despite it being practically deemed illegal almost everywhere, the euphoria and excitement brought about by using this drug makes it one of the most widely used drugs, second only to marijuana