Skin is the outer layer of the organs. It does not just protect the organs within but a fresh and glowing skin has its impact upon the overall personality. There are so many ways to make the skin look different. One of the ways to make it happen is the tanning. It is a cosmetic process that focuses on skin darkening. The procedure involves the use of UV radiation. The early tanning involved the use of the sun. The people used to sleep on the tanning beds under the sun for hours. The things have become different with time. The people no longer have to wait for the summers to go out in an open space and get the skins darkened under the sun. In many parts of the world getting tan under the sun is a recreational activity. These days there are several artificial ways to handle the tanning. It is now possible to do it utilizing different tanning agents and equipment’s that work exactly like the outdoor tanning. This self tanning mitt is very popular among those who love to stay tanned all through the year in any weather.

How can tanning impact upon the skin?

As the user sits under the sun he starts getting a sufficient amount of the Vitamin D and melanin besides the tanning effect on the skin. There are several positive implications of the entire procedure but the negative side can’t be denied as well. Too much UV exposure can cause skin problems, the worst being cancer.

 The origin

The trend of the skin tanning started in the western bloc of the globe. The people living in these areas were so inspired by the tanned skin that they resorted to the idea of getting the skin tanned under the sun. It soon became a fashion thing to look tan and today the trend has become very common everywhere. Learn more regarding fake tan online.

How can this happen?

The body is exposed to the source rich in the UV rays. It can be the sun, tanning booth or certain cosmetic creams. Melanin is produced by the specialised cells in the body called melanocytes. The job is to take care of the ultraviolet rays. Too much of exposure to the UV rays can be destructive for the skin cells. As the individuals start using the tanning equipment the production increases and ultimately results in the darkening of the skin. The intensity of the UV radiations depends on the extent of exposure.