Perhaps you have grown tired of the drab design and outdated layout of your bathroom, which means that it is time for a bathroom remodel. A remodel does not have to be expensive or even time consuming, if you have a proper plan and an awareness of the changes that you want to bring about. There are several simple strategies that can help transform your bathroom into a space that is aesthetically appealing as well as efficient, so here are some ideas that can help you with your bathroom remodel.

Add a splash of color
You have the option of coming up with a striking color scheme that can make the bathroom appear clean and fresh, while also functioning as an organizational system. A coherent color scheme can make the space appear less cluttered and unruly, and it can also help you streamline the process of selecting furniture and design elements for the bathroom. A black and white color scheme with its striking contrast can never go wrong, if you want something that is simple yet classy. Alternatively, if the color scheme seems too muted, you can consider adding a piece with a vibrant pattern or color. This does not have to take up too much of your time, all you have to do is simply browse for modern wool rugs and find one that would make your bathroom décor stand out.

The advantage of looking for rugs online is that you have an infinite variety available at your fingertips, which allows you to experiment with shape and color. Alternative ways in which you can include color and light to your bathroom décor is by ensuring that items from soap dispensers to towels function as accent pieces. 

Consider alternative storage options
When it comes to a remodel, consider playing with storage options in order to give yourself more flexibility in reorganizing your bathroom. There are multiple storage options that can allow you to transform your bathroom space into a highly functional area, and one of these is to install floating shelves to make use of the vertical wall space that might otherwise end up being wasted. You also have the option of focusing on your cabinets and ensuring that the clutter can be safely hidden away. You can make use of tower storage options in order to eliminate the clutter from the countertops, which can be helpful when it comes to making your bathroom more accessible. Additionally, you can use storage accessories that conform to the color scheme, so that the bathroom gets a more coherent and streamlined appearance.