E-cigarettes, of course, looks “cool” and safe. But there is a dark side to them as well. There were several reports on e-cig explosions! This is nothing to worry about because if you are careful enough and if you know how to use your e devices, there is no harm or danger. But not everyone knows how to handle their cigarettes and that is why guides like these exist. First thing you have to understand is that these events are extremely rare, so there is no need to panic and give up your joy of using an e cig. However, it is always good practice to follow safety procedures. That will not only ensure your own safety but also it will increase your device’s life. Following guide briefly explains few good habits and procedures to follow when using an E cig.

Buy quality Cigs

This is an obvious tip. If your device is poor quality and cheap there is a chance that it will cost you some harm. When you are choosing an electronic cigarette, always do your ground work, read reviews and ask from your friends. If you are buying your e cigarettes online, make sure to read customer reviews before purchasing. Also, go for a trusted and reputed brand. It might cost you some extra money but when it comes to your safety, it is totally worth it. Click here for more info on e cigarettes online.


Another simple tip. Your vape has instructions for a reason. Read all of those information and instructions before using your cigarette. Most people tend to get excited when they touch their own e cig for the first time and this is where they make mistakes.

Don’t overheat the atomizer

This is very common among newbies. When you are taking a long puff you need to hold down the button and that is how the atomizer works. When people don’t have enough experience they tend to press and hold this button for longer than required. This, in turn, overheats atomizer and will damage liquid tank. So keep in mind that you only have to press the button for less than 5 seconds for atomizer to vaporize the liquid.

Water is an enemy

Just like regular cigarettes, e cigarettes cannot be used with water for obvious reasons. Water might malfunction the electronic circuits that are involved and there is a chance of sparking as well. Keep your e cig away from water, always.

Again, these “explosions” are extremely rare but it is always a good thing to be prepared. In fact, these habits and tips will definitely increase the lifespan of your vape.