If there is one thing we look forward to at the end of a long, hard day it is coming home to a comfortable, relaxing environment. A place that is a sanctuary, our very own haven. Whether you have your own house or live on rent, it will not stop you from decorating and setting it up in a way that is most suitable to you. At the end of the day, you want to feel like you are not just coming back to any house, but your own home. What makes it a home is how cozy you make it depending on your own personal taste and preferences. When it comes to decorating the options are endless and you could get carried away with all of them, so why not decide on a theme for your house if you are indecisive? You can choose from rustic, modern and minimalistic which is what we will look at in this article. Say hello to your minimal effort, maximum effect abode!

COLOURIf you are someone who loves a riot of colour, a minimalist approach to home décor will be quite restricting as you will find out. The whole point of going with a minimalist approach is so that there is not much to distract you from everything else. There is a standard colour throughout the house that may sound boring, but looks quite stunning when done right. It gives the home a sophisticated, classy personality and also easy on the eye hence very relaxing since it looks calming. For instance working with a monochrome palette you could look at incorporating black & white cushions along with rugs, curtains and of course furniture. It is oddly satisfying!

HAVE ONE FOCUSAnother mistake people make when decorating that makes the entire space look cluttered is that they try to put too many things in one area which is distracting and takes away the focus. With minimalist design, what you are looking for is to draw attention to one main item in the vicinity. Take your living room for instance; if you like sofas, invest in a nice, unique piece that will be the centre of attention. If you like your coffee tables to be prominent, then secure one that you like. Whatever it is you go for, just make one item the star and have the rest blend in with it.

INVEST IN QUALITY PIECESIf you plan to decorate your home with plenty of colour and abstract pieces that give it a different appeal, you need not restrict yourself when looking for furniture and other little bits and bobs. When it comes to minimalist décor however, you should only stick to a handful of quality items. That is because you cannot really clutter spaces too much when going for a minimalist approach. You can put an antique mirror perhaps in the hall and nothing else on the wall. If you hang photographs, keep them segmented in one area. If you opt for black & white cushions, then do not add thick, fluffy rugs into the mix go for something more toned down. To know more about bed linen sale, visit https://www.lmhome.com.au/

RESEARCHIf you are not entirely sure whether this is the type of style for you, why not browse through online journals, interior design blogs and websites to start off with? You can also look at home décor magazines and brochures where you will find plenty of ideas to choose from. You will find yourself drawn to certain looks so take the time to understand what it is you like best about it. There is a massive pool of resources at your fingertips so make use of it to help guide you along.