One of the main causes for lung cancer has been found to be addiction to smoking. This habit over the years causes the walls of your lungs to weaken and increase your chances of other respiratory and heart diseases. In addition to the health dangers it has also been known to be an addiction that will place a strain on your finances. With all these negatives, the fact that more than half the adult population smoke, would indicate that the nicotine dependency that is a by-product of cigarettes is far greater than the negatives. But, there is always an alternative and one such is Vapes and we have made a small list of the benefits of it.


One benefit of a volcano vapouriser over actual cigarettes is the fact they are cheaper on the long run. The initial expense of buying the device might be higher than cigarettes but for a chain smoker, on the long run the refills will be cheaper than buying cigarettes. A nicotine addiction might be hard to quit cold turkey for some but with using such an alternative, you have the possibility some good coming out the habit or at least something less harmful.


One of biggest cons for ciggies is the fact that They. Have. Been. Proven. To. Cause. Cancer. In addition to cancer, they have a long list of diseases that have a correlation to the habit making it one of the most harmful vices available to man. By switching to an alternative such a volcano vaporizers, studies conducted in the UK have found that there is lesser harm caused. While they have not been able to eliminate all harm caused by the habit, it has been shown to be the lesser evil. In fact, it has been found that this alternative has made it easier to quit the habit as well due to its lesser harmful side effects. See this site for further information regarding vaporizers.


Another benefit of this alternative to smoking is the fact that it is safer. Unlike cigarettes which require an open flame to ignite it, these devices require no such thing. This would not only make it less hazardous to the environment it would also not be a fire risk. Smoking is one of the most harmful habits that have been introduced to man. The ignorance of the health hazards in the early commercialization of the habit has made it harder for those of that generation to quit but with the education of the public about the risks, the habit among the young has shown signs of decreasing. But, it has not been completely eradicated, so until that time, this alternative might be a better solution.