Vaping is a process in which you can inhale as well as exhale the water vapour which is produced by an electronic device, often called a vaporiser. The vaporiser and vaping industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, as more people are aware today of the dangers associated with smoking a conventional cigarette. The vaping industry was worth about $1.5 billion back in 2013 and now at the end of this year, is expected to hit the $5 billion mark. A lot of people turn to vaping because it helps them stop smoking cigarettes. You are literally spoilt for choice when you see the enormous amount and variety of vaporisers and e-liquids out there.

Ee cigarette are available for you in all variants and you can take your pick at will, as long as you’re above 18. For starters, using a vaping pen is good; it is made of a tank and a rudimentary battery. All you need to do with these pens is to click and inhale. These starter kits are refillable as well, so that when you run out of e-juice or need to replace the coils, you can just head out to the supermarket and get a refill. Their popularity is also heightened by their shape and size, resembling a normal cigarette, thus helping people get off the habit. A basic vaporiser will set you back by about $15-$20 and it’s not a bad investment at all if you’re looking to quit.

For more refined smoking of e cigarettes, you have variable voltage vaporiser systems where you are in control of the voltage and can regulate it to enhance the vaping experience for a cooler or warmer take. The added advantage of vapour cigarettes is that the batteries are larger and this enables more vaping between consecutive charges. Most people use these as dry vapes because the coils need to be changed every week for maintaining the flavour as well as to ensure smooth operation.

In all probability, you’ve come across a lot of people who like e cigs and this is a part of a totally new social craze and subculture. You will find an endless plethora of flavours, some with nicotine and the others free from it, so it is you who is in a position to choose and experiment. It’s a good idea to go to a vape bar and try out a few hits to see if a vaporiser will suit you before buying one. A lot of people have turned vaping into an art, they’re called cloud chasers with good reason, and they compete against one another to fine-tune their modified vaporisers to produce to thickest and biggest clouds of smoke.

If you’ve been looking for a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette, there’s nothing better than a vaporiser to meet your needs.