So these ideas are sure to inspire you in creating your own minimalistic haven.

We all like to follow at least some design aesthetic when creating our own perfect little homes. Be in minimalistic, bohemian or totally contemporary, there are a few mistakes that must be avoided. Here are few design errors highlighted by experts in the industry.

Too prim and proper: are you thinking everything you have in the rooms needs to be matched to perfection, and then you are wrong. So if you are looking at an online furniture store or a retailer scouring for matching side tables and chairs, don’t worry too much. Think of buying things in different styles to mix and match the furnishings. Hanging art: we have all made this mistake at least once. We tend to hang our art work too high and towards the ceiling or over the eye level. So make sure that the centre of an artwork is viewable at the eye level.

Add that colour: let’s face it, everyone is going crazy over Scandinavian design and minimalism, but if you are going to keep everything in pale monochromatic colour then things are going to be a little dreary and bleak at home. So don’t be afraid to add pops of colour here and there. May be you can add a rug, an artwork or even few cushions in different colours to add some life to a space. Trends: these come and go, like fashion; one item that is in vogue will be gone tomorrow. So do not try to change things like your top dining room chairs and sofas just because new trends are coming in to the market. There is nothing wrong in buying something new or replacing something old, but avoid completely changing a setting just because something is trending or not trending anymore. Focal point: if you think your TV is important think again. Many home owners make the mistake by making it the main attraction or centrepiece at home. You may be watching too much TV but that does not mean you have to make it a focal point. Therefore move it away from the living room or put it in a corner. Instead make an artwork or an iconic piece of furniture the focal point. Against the wall: if all your interior items are against the wall, what would you do with space in the middle. An interior like this will look very weird and awkward. Therefore to create a cosy atmosphere try to group items together such as the seating or sofa sets.

When you make changes to your living room try not to make the above errors. By taking note of these, you can save a lot by adhering to basic design principals.